Gin Vieux Trait-Carré 1665

48% alc./vol | Format : 750 ml

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Gin Vieux Trait-Carré 1665

A gin aged in quarter casks of American rye whisky. Each batch is a blend of barrels having matured up to two years.

What’s in it: The Trait-Carré 1665 is a unique and noteworthy addition to the world of gin. This gin shares the same 14 botanicals blend used for the Trait-Carré dry gin and it is aged in specially selected small barrels of American rye whisky. This voyage in oak barrels gives the gin its beautiful golden colour and great complexity of flavours.

Juniper Berries • Coriander Seeds • Bitter Orange Peels • Grapefruit Peels • Sea-buckthorn Berries • Elderberries • Sweet Clover • Hibiscus Flower • Chamomile Flowers • Peppery Green Alder • Angelica Root • Iris Root • Cardamom

A bit of history: The year 1665 marked the founding of the Trait-Carré community and the arrival of Intendant Jean-Talon in Quebec, a turning point for the brewing industry in the history of the city.

Tasting notes:
Appearance: Golden

Nose: Moderate intensity with classic aroma of juniper berry in the foreground with citrus peel. Afterwards, a complex array of scents of boreal undergrowth adds another dimension.

Palate: A pleasant mix where the signature of gin botanicals is layered with aromas of caramel and confectionery, a happy union which despite its higher alcohol content is surprisingly sweet.

Finale: Juniper berry, spices and citrus fruit round off the tasting in style.

The experience: A true sipping gin to be taken neat or on ice, but also a must for revisiting classic cocktails such as a Manhattan or an Old Fashion.

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