Gin Trait-Carré

40,4% alc./vol | Format : 750 ml

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Trait Carré 2020 Berlin
Trait Carré 2019 CASC
Trait Carré 2019 New York

Gin Trait-Carré

A classic Quebec dry gin, produced in small batches, that stands out for its freshness and floral and fruity profile.

What’s in It: Designed with 14 botanicals to create a balanced and refreshing gin. A unique blend of ingredients from both Quebec and exotic countries.

Juniper Berries • Coriander Seeds • Bitter Orange Peels • Grapefruit Peels • Sea-buckthorn Berries • Elderberries • Sweet Clover • Hibiscus Flower • Chamomile Flowers • Peppery Green Alder • Angelica Root • Iris Root • Cardamom

A Bit of History: A tribute to the Quebec City community nucleus called the Trait-Carré created by the Jesuits in the 17th century at King Louis-XIV’s request.

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Transparent and colourless

Nose: Moderate intensity where we find the classic aroma of juniper berry in the foreground, with citrus peels. Later, a complex array of boreal undergrowth scents adds another dimension.

Palate: The warmth is enveloping, the juniper berries give amplitude to the floral, spicy and citrus aromas.

Finale: Persistent and seducing

How to enjoy it: Trait-Carré is a classic swinging gin that easily stands out on ice, in tonics or in many cocktails.

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