Vodka Cap-Diamant

40% alc./vol | Format : 750 ml

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Cap Diamant 2020 CASC

Vodka Cap-Diamant

The result of a know-how with particular care for water quality, Cap Diamant is a small batch distilled and filtered vodka that will please those who like it without artifice as much as cocktail creators.

What’s in It: A vodka made from 100% Canadian corn and water from the Laurentians, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Filtered with coconut charcoal to obtain the smoothest and silkiest vodka.

A Bit of History: It was in 1608 at the foot of Cap Diamant, where the St. Lawrence River narrows between its two shores, that the adventure of Quebec City began. Jacques Cartier, believing he had found precious stones in the cliff, named this cape which strategically overlooks the river.

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Transparent and colourless

Nose: Very discreet, moderate presence of alcohol with however subtle notes of lime zest and menthol.

Palate: The mouth presents us intensity and length with a well-dosed heat and a touch of umami.

Finale: Hushed, slightly spicy with white pepper in retro olfaction.

The Experience: A tasting vodka to be taken neat or on ice. Also a classic with oysters and a must for a Vodka Martini, a Moscow Mule or your spur-of-the-moment creation!

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