Gin Vieux Trait-Carré 1665

24% alc./vol | Format : 750 ml

Available at the Distillerie
and at SAQ

Gin Vieux Trait-Carré 1665

A gin aged in whisky quarter casks and organic maple syrup liqueur.

What’s in It: Trait-Carré OR is a liqueur for true connoisseurs. This organic maple syrup and gin liqueur is born from the passion of two Quebec companies. Each batch is a blend of selected casks of our aged gin and organic maple syrup from our partner, Or - À même la source. The result will surprise you with its sweetness and richness.

A Bit of History: As early as the 1700s, inhabitants were able to take advantage of the First Nations’ knowledge. Maple sap transformation is now an integral part of our history. Today, the distillery comeback still allows to transform the gold of our forests in a beautiful way by pairing a golden maple syrup to our spirits.

Tasting Notes:
Appearence: The visual is amber yellow with bright reflections, similar to a light maple syrup.

Nose: A pleasant and intriguing blend with a citrus zest presence, mainly orange. A framework of sweet spices, honey and herbs harmoniously completes the olfactory profile.

Palate: The mouth presents a well-dosed sweetness. Alcohol is moderate, allowing space for the bitter orange and spice blend aromas. Length is persistent and smoothness is fluid due to a modest sugar presence. The result is surprisingly delicious and innovative.

How to enjoy it: The Trait-Carré OR liqueur is to be taken neat or on ice, as an aperitif or digestive. Mixologists will find it a distinctive ingredient to develop tasty cocktails.

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